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GOsC successfully prosecutes struck off former osteopath

25 January 2017

The UK regulator of osteopaths, the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), has brought a successful prosecution against Nigel Graham for unlawfully describing himself as an osteopath.

On 24 January 2017, Mr Graham appeared at Willesden Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to one count of using the title of ‘osteopath’ while not registered with the GOsC, contrary to Section 32 of the Osteopaths Act 1993. Since the passing of this Act the title ‘osteopath’ is protected and it is a criminal offence for anyone to claim, expressly or by implication, to be any kind of osteopath, unless registered with the GOsC.

The offence related to information Mr Graham provided on his LinkedIn page, namely that he described himself as a “Consultant Osteopath” after being removed from the GOsC Register. Despite a warning from the GOsC to Mr Graham that by using the ‘osteopath’ title he was committing a criminal offence, he had not adequately amended his LinkedIn page.

Mr Graham, who provided services in London and Bournemouth, was sentenced to a conditional discharge of 12 months and ordered to pay costs of £200 to the GOsC.

In 2016, following an investigation into his fitness to practise as an osteopath, Mr Graham was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and consequently removed from the GOsC Register. From 22 June 2016, he was no longer able to use the title osteopath.

Patient safety is the primary purpose of restricting the use of the osteopathic title. The GOsC ensures that the practitioners on its Register are safe and competent osteopaths who follow strict codes of conduct.

For details of a registered osteopath in your area contact the General Osteopathic Council on 020 7357 6655 or visit www.osteopathy.org.uk


For further information contact: The GOsC Press Office Tel: 020 7357 6655 x245 Email: pressoffice@osteopathy.org.uk

Notes to Editors

1. The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) has a statutory duty to regulate the practice of osteopathy in the UK. Osteopaths must be registered with the GOsC in order to practise in the UK. We work with the public and the profession to promote patient safety by:

  • registering qualified professionals
  • setting, maintaining and developing standards of osteopathic practice and conduct
  • assuring the quality of osteopathic education
  • ensuring continuing professional development
  • helping patients with concerns or complaints about an osteopath.

2. The statutory Register of osteopaths provides a geographical index of all practising osteopaths, and is available to the general public and to healthcare providers online at: www.osteopathy.org.uk/register-search/