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GOsC responds to Department of Health regulation consultation

6 February 2018

The GOsC has responded to a Department of Health (Now the Department of Health & Social Care) consultation on the reform of healthcare professional regulation in the UK.

The ‘Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation’ consultation launched at the end of October 2017 and closed in January 2018. It asked questions about the role of regulation and how regulators work, including whether there should be fewer regulators. 

The consultation looked at three main areas:

  1. Protecting the public
  2. Responsive regulation
  3. Efficient regulation

In its response to the consultation the GOsC welcomed the consultation saying:

“We have worked closely with the Law Commission, the Department of Health (England) and other regulators in seeking to shape reforms and are committed to continuing to do so.

“We particularly welcome the reaffirmation of the principle set out in Trust Assurance and Safety that regulation is about sustaining and improving the practice of the majority as much as addressing the poor practice of the minority.

“We have sought as a regulator to take a distinctive approach to supporting the development of the profession we regulate while seeking to engender high standards of care, in a practice context that takes place largely outside the National Health Service.”

In an article in the December 2017/January 2018 issue of ‘the osteopath’ (page 5) about the consultation, Tim Walker, GOsC Chief Executive said:

“The important point is that, whatever regulatory arrangements are in place they should play a supportive role in developing and promoting good practice in the clinical context in which osteopathy takes place.”