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GOsC launches consultation on new CPD scheme

11 February 2015

The GOsC has launched a four-month consultation on proposals for a new continuing
professional development (CPD) scheme for osteopaths.

The aim of this scheme is to enhance the quality of osteopathic practice, and give
reassurance to patients that osteopaths are up to date and continue to meet the
professional standards expected of them.

The proposals build on much that is already familiar to osteopaths, for example
undertaking 30 hours of CPD a year, but there are new elements proposed including a
requirement for osteopaths to review their practice with a professional colleague. Many
osteopaths already seek feedback and review their practice; these proposals seek to
formalise that process throughout the profession.

Full information about the proposed scheme is provided on a dedicated consultation
website at: http://cpd.osteopathy.org.uk. This also includes information about the
development of the proposed scheme, draft CPD Guidelines, and resources and case
studies to show how the scheme would work. There are two consultation documents: a full consultation and a shorter summary version which is designed for patients and
members of the public.

The proposed new CPD scheme has been developed in partnership with osteopaths,
patients and the public around the UK. The GOsC is now seeking views on the proposals to ensure that the scheme works for osteopaths and patients.

The closing date for responses is 31 May 2015.