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Standards for continuing professional development

To remain registered with the GOsC osteopaths must keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date with a programme of continuing professional development (CPD).

Current CPD requirements

BSO studentsOur current CPD scheme requires all osteopaths in the UK to complete at least 30 hours of CPD every year, of which 15 hours must involve learning with others. Many osteopaths work on their own, and group learning allows them to exchange information and expertise with other osteopaths.

CPD learning includes lectures, seminars, courses, practical sessions, individual study or other activities that can advance an osteopath’s professional development. There are also postgraduate courses for osteopaths in a range of subjects, including sports care and osteopathic treatment of children. Each osteopath is responsible for ensuring that the CPD they undertake is beneficial to their practice and relevant to their professional work as an osteopath.

Our Continuing professional development guidelines for osteopaths outline the GOsC CPD scheme and explain how osteopaths can meet the scheme's requirements.

We do not accredit courses or other CPD materials for osteopaths.

New CPD websiteNew CPD scheme

In partnership with osteopaths, osteopathic organisations and patients, the GOsC has developed a new CPD scheme with engagement, support and community at its heart. While the scheme builds on what osteopaths are already doing, there are new learing requirements that all osteopaths must incorporate into their CPD. Visit the CPD website to find out all you need to know about the new scheme.