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Student FtP: guidance for osteopathic educational institutions


23 October 2012 PDF

The award of the ‘Recognised Qualification’ (RQ) in osteopathy, by an Osteopathic Educational Institution (OEI), means that the holder is capable of practising, without supervision, to the standards expected in the GOsC’s Osteopathic Practice Standards. The RQ means that the...

Osteopathic practice standards


1 September 2012 PDF

All osteopaths are provided with a printed copy of the Osteopathic Practice Standards on registration.

Osteopathic practice standards pocket guide


1 August 2012 PDF

This pocket guide sets out the 37 standards, without the detailed guidance included in the full Osteopathic Practice Standards document, for easy reference.

GOsC annual report and accounts 2011-12


1 May 2012 PDF

Each year, we produce a formal report outlining our key activities in the preceding year. This includes income and expenditure information, with a summary and report from an independent auditor.

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