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Reduced registration fee consultation

This consultation considers possible changes to the General Osteopathic Council (Application for Registration and Fees) Rules 2000.


The consultation document proposes a change to how the reduced fee is applied. The proposed change would remove an anomaly that means an osteopath may be out of clinical contact with patients for three continuous months in their registration year, return to practice for the remaining nine-months, yet remain entitled to pay the reduced fee for the full registration year.


If you haven't already done so, please download and read the full consultation document before completing this questionnaire.

Consultation questions
Do you agree that the Rules should be amended to close the anomaly that an osteopath might claim a reduced fee for the whole of their registration year, despite practising for up to nine-months in that same period?


Having considered the Equality Impact Assessment are there any equality factors which you think the GOsC has not taken into consideration?



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