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Student fitness to practise

We publish guidance for osteopathic students and osteopathic educational institutions about student fitness to practise.

Student fitness to practise guidance

Peter Leigh with studentsThe GOsC publishes guidance for students and osteopathic educational institutions to ensure the appropriate and consistent management of behaviour that indicates students may not be fit to practise.

Registration with the GOsC requires osteopaths to practise in accordance with the Osteopathic Practice Standards and hold a Recognised Qualification.

Osteopathic educational institutions are responsible for ensuring that only students who are capable of practising to these standards, without supervision, are awarded a Recognised Qualification. The new guidance outlines the role of the osteopathic educational institution in relation to student fitness to practise and suggests a suitable framework for the management of fitness to practise issues.

The guidance documents are available to download below:

Developing the guidance

The development of proposed guidance was overseen by the Student Fitness to Practise Working Group during 2010-2011, and the proposed guidance was consulted on in 2011. You can read the consultation documents on our Closed consultations page.