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Within seven days after a hearing, we aim to publish on this website the decision of the committee and details of any sanctions applied to the osteopath.

If the sanction applied is an undertaking, conditions of practice or suspension, this will be shown next to the osteopath's name on the Register, for as long as the sanction applies.

Our Fitness to Practise Publication Policy sets out how, and for how long, we publish on this page information relating to the decisions of the fitness to practise committees. Our Policy on Notification of Fitness to Practise Investigations and Outcomes explains what information we will seek from registrants who are the subject of complaints, and the information we will provide to third parties about the investigation and outcome of such complaints.


This table contains details of osteopaths who have given an Undertaking (a solemn promise) as to how they intend to conduct their practice. Click on an osteopath's name to read details of the Undertaking.

Osteopath's name Registration number Term of Undertaking
Mr Michael Kern  2050 Until the matter is finalised by PCC 

Interim suspension orders

This section contains details of osteopaths whose registration has been suspended pending the investigation or hearing of a complaint. Any practitioner who is subject to an Interim Suspension Order cannot call themselves an osteopath during the period of suspension. Click on an osteopath’s name to read details of the suspension order.

Osteopath's name Registration number Term of suspension

Mr Michael Hammond

3790 Until the matter is finalised by PCC

Mr Rajesh Bahbra

1698 Until the matter is finalised by PCC 

Mr Salah Said 

6013  Until the matter is finalised by PCC 

Mr Shamim Akhtar

10122 Until the matter is considered by Council 

Professional Conduct Committee and Health Committee decisions

This section contains details of osteopaths who have recently been the subject of a hearing by the Professional Conduct Committee and Health Committee. Click on an osteopath's name to read details of the evidence presented at the hearing, the committee’s decision and any action taken against the osteopath. The committee has the power to deliver an admonishment, impose conditions of practice, suspend the osteopath’s registration for a set period, or permanently remove the osteopath’s name from the Register. For a historical record of Professional Conduct Committee and Health Committee findings see our Fitness to Practise annual reports.

Osteopath's name Registration number Summary of decision Date of decision

Mr Max Charles 

9425 Removal 02/11/2018

Ms Rachel Weech

9137 Admonishment 29/10/2018

Ms Jane Brannan 

3452 Admonishment 18/10/2018

Mr Michael Comfort

875 Suspended - 3 months 16/10/2018

Ms Kimonie Sturgeon

8274 Suspended - 3 months 08/10/2018

Ms Tracy Davies

1574 Suspended - 3 months 20/09/2018 

Mr Nicholas Handoll

526  Removal 10/09/2018 

Ms Allison Beard


Conditions of Practice - 12 months (Under Appeal)


Ms Marietta Olson

7631 Suspension - 12 months  03/07/2018

Mr Bipinchandra Lakhani 

712 Suspension - 6 months 14/06/2018

Mr James Sneddon

2003 Admonishment  06/06/2018 

Mr Paul Lewis

5579 Admonishment  04/06/2018

Mr Michael Nicolaou

4132 Admonishment 17/05/2018

Ms Elizabeth Treadaway

6857 Suspension - 12 months  16/03/2018

Mr Mark Mathews

Removal  16/01/2018

Ms Joanna Pooley (formerly Turner)

6062 Suspension order to expire 04/12/2017

Mr Alexander Earle

6807 Suspension order to expire  18/05/2017

Mr Nicholas Salway

2619  Removal  25/01/2017

Mr Habib Chharawala 

2654  Removal  19/01/2017

Mr James Kemp

682  Removal  26/10/2016

Mr Nigel Graham

3274  Removal  24/05/2016

Mr Martyn Langton

6206 Removal   29/01/2016

Mr Peter Orwell

7875 Removal   23/10/2015

Mr Damon Stewart-Hall

7026 Removal   07/10/2015

Mr Jonathan Cove

2125 Removal   19/02/2015

Mr Malcolm Mayer

1977 Removal   26/11/2014

 Mr Anthony Agius

6583 Removal  16/12/2013

Fitness to Practise Annual Report

Our Fitness to Practise Reports, published annually, include details of the decisions made by the PCC and any sanctions applied. When the committee investigates an allegation and decides that it is not well founded, the osteopath can ask for this to be recorded in the next Fitness to Practise Report.