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Osteopaths and legal representatives

An osteopath who is the subject of a complaint is entitled to legal representation at a hearing before the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC).

Preparing for PCC hearings contains information about the General Osteopathic Council’s Fitness to Practise process for people involved in a PCC hearing.

It also includes details of the statutory time limits for the different stages of the proceedings, from when notice of the allegation is first received by the osteopath to when written witness statements and skeleton arguments must be submitted before the hearing.

Our Policy on Notification of Fitness to Practise Investigations and Outcomes explains what information we will seek from registrants who are the subject of complaints, and the information we will provide to third parties about the investigation and outcome of such complaints.

Osteopaths: if a complaint is made against you...

...we will provide you with guidance in our Fitness to practice - complaints procedure booklet, that explains what you need to do at each stage of the process.