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Spotlight on clinical audit

21 February 2018

The February/March issue of 'the osteopath' focuses on how to use clinical audit in the new CPD scheme.

This issue includes a guide to clinical audit and a case study about osteopath Penny Dathan carrying out her first clinical audit and what she learned from it.

Also in this issue:

  • Find out about resources for clinical audit and other objective activity options for the new CPD scheme
  • ‘Text neck’: research on how smartphone use is affecting patients
  • How the GOsC links issues of advertising, evidence and how osteopaths practise
  • Professional indemnity insurance: avoid common mistakes
  • New consultations
  • Update on the revised Osteopathic Practice Standards

Read all this and more, including news updates, resources, book reviews and CPD courses at www.gosc.org.uk/theosteopathmagazine