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Osteopathy patients invited to share stories

21 September 2015

Nine out of ten patients think it is important to give feedback to an osteopath about their experience of osteopathic treatment. If you would find it difficult to do that directly or you feel that your story would be of interest to all osteopaths you can give feedback anonymously to the National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR) through a dedicated website.

All patients who use osteopathic services are encouraged to provide feedback on their experiences — good or bad on the Patient Reported Experiences of Osteopathic Services (PREOS) website at http://www.ncorpreos.org.uk. People making a report are asked to fill out a short online survey and no login is required.

Information gathered from patients will be analysed by the NCOR research team. Any trends will be fed back anonymously to the osteopathic profession to improve patient care.

NCOR’s aim is to build on the positive aspects of care to help avoid future occurrences of poor experiences or adverse events. NCOR will periodically release public reports from PREOS data, and patients can be assured that all data will be anonymised.