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Strategic Plan 2019-24

This strategic plan for the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) covers the period from April 2019 to March 2024 and will be replaced by our new strategy for 2024-30. 

The following information is available in Welsh: Cynllun Strategol

Strategic Plan 2019-24

Our Strategic Plan sets out the GOsC’s priorities for the years 2019-2024 and has three main purposes.

  • It describes what Council wishes the organisation to achieve.
  • It provides a mandate for the organisation’s work programme, led by the Chief Executive and Registrar, and staff team.
  • It provides a framework for the monitoring of the organisation’s performance by Council.

Statutory context

The General Osteopathic Council is the independent statutory regulator for the profession of osteopathy. The Osteopaths Act 1993 requires us to develop and regulate the profession of osteopathy: our overarching objective is to protect the public. 

Our goals for 2024

  • We will support the osteopathic profession to deliver high quality care, which will protect patients and the public in the context of changes in the dynamic landscape of healthcare.
  • We will develop our assurance of osteopathic education to produce high quality graduates who are ready to practise.
  • We will build closer relationships with the public and the profession based on trust and transparency.
  • We will be an exemplar in modern healthcare regulation – accessible, effective, innovative, agile, proportionate and reflective.

Our vision

A partnership in professional standards that fulfils our statutory duty to protect the public and promote patient safety and well-being through modern regulation which supports and develops osteopaths.

Read the Strategic Plan in full

Business Plan

Each year we publish a detailed Business Plan setting out the work we will do in order to meet our goals. Copies of this are available on request by emailing finance@osteopathy.org.uk. Council will receive a report of progress against the annual Business Plan at each meeting.