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Registration Assessment process and documentation

In this consultation, we are inviting views on the further evidence of practice (FEP) and assessment of clinical performance (ACP) processes and documentation.

Documents and forms

The consultation

We sought feedback from applicants and registration assessors in 2018 on both the Further Evidence of Practice and Assessment of Clinical Performance processes and documentation. Key points for consideration included:

  • General support for the broad structure of the assessment process, including assessment of qualification, a written assessment (the FEP) and a practical assessment (the ACP).
  • Some areas of concern around demonstration of clinical reasoning and of effective communication and gaining of informed consent.
  • The possibility of providing samples of what a ‘good’ application looked like.
  • The complexity of assessors having to map an applicant’s written evidence to the relevant Osteopathic Practice Standards.
  • Clarity about the purpose of the FEP process – for example, to what extent is it useful or feasible to assess an applicant’s use of osteopathic techniques in a written portfolio?
  • The need for a review of which of the Osteopathic Practice Standards it is feasible to demonstrate effectively in the FEP and ACP process.

The FEP and ACP processes and documentation were reviewed taking this feedback into account. Further input into the developing drafts was sought from registration assessors at training events in October 2018.

The proposed documentation which has arisen out of the review, as well as the changes to the evaluation process, are included in the consultation document for your consideration.

To respond

Please read the consultation document which includes the consultation questions.
Feedback may be provided electronically to some or all of the questions online or by email to standards@osteopathy.org.uk or by post to:

Registration Assessment consultation
General Osteopathic Council
Osteopathy House
176 Tower Bridge Road

The deadline for responses is Thursday 6 June 2019.

About you

We would also like to ask you some questions about you. Completing the diversity questionnaire is optional, but we would welcome information about our respondents. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of analysing the consultation responses.