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New registrants survey 2015

We survey our new registrants each year to find out what their experience of registering with us was like.

The results of the 2015 survey are available in the Education and Registration Standards Committee report.

OsteopathsWhy survey?

We want to know what worked well and what didn't, with the pre-registration pack 'Registering with the GOsC', students receive in January of their final year; the presentations we give at their training institutions; and with the actual registration process after they graduate. This feedback helps us to make improvements for future applicants.

2015 survey

The survey of osteopaths who registered with us in 2015 was conducted between November 2015 and January 2016 and the results were reported to the Education and Registration Standards Committee in March 2016.

Key findings

  • The survey results for 2015 indicate an increased level of satisfaction with the registration process and documents in comparison to the 2014 results.
  • Respondents found the registration application pack (application forms and information booklet) clear and useful.
  • If they had queries about their applications 97% of respondents knew where to seek help.
  • GOsC staff members were very professional, helpful and maintained a high standard of customer service in their contact with the applicants and new registrants. The majority of respondents who contacted the GOsC did so by email (95%).
  • The registration pack sent to new registrants after they have been registered was found to be useful, well-organised and informative.
  • New registrants feel they need business support after registration.

Resulting action

Student presentations

Changes were made to the student presentations in advance of the 2016 visits to the osteopathic educational institutions: additional slides were included about the application process and amendments were made to the handouts given to students to try and ensure the information is as clear as possible.

Registration application forms

Revisions were made to the structure and wording of the 2016 application forms in response to comments that page numbers would make the forms easier to complete and that the forms could be more user-friendly.

Email reminders

One respondent thought that email reminders to students during the application process would be helpful and we are looking at the feasibility of introducing this for the 2016 applicants.

Business support

While fewer respondents than last year wanted the GOsC to provide business support after registration, the need for such support was mentioned. This information will be fed back to the Institute of Osteopathy, the osteopaths’ professional association, which is best placed to provide business support.

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